Pair of Saltglazed 7 point tall Crowns



Pair of Saltglazed 7 point tall Crowns

A beautiful pair of salt glazed chimney pots

7 point crowns intact

To make them salt glazed they would add salt to the kiln at its hottest point this would be make them more weatherproof.

These pots are in wonderful condition for there age and could go back as early as the 18th century although the Roman’s started the construction of pots and became very popular in the 16th century, little is known about chimney pots are they were not documented as such

Measurements 40 inches tall and 12 inches across the bottom of the pot.

We can deliver these locally or ship to you on a pallet with a local company.

We have an array of pots in the yard and strive to buy them in as good condition as possible

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